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The C64 game Bionic Commando platformer, scrolling screen published by Go! in 1988. We bring you Bionic Commando reviews, screenshots, music, and more! 's game information and ROM download page for Bionic Commando Commodore 64.

In Bionic Commando the player takes control of a soldier with a bionic arm that extends and contracts. The bionic arm allows the soldier to grab onto fixed objects and swing around and climb up levels — no jumping allowed! The arm also grabs opponents and pulls them towards the protagonist.The play. Bionic Commando トップシークレット, lit. "Top Secret" is an arcade game produced and released by Capcom in 1987. It was later released for several home computers ported by Software Creations and published by Go!. The game was followed the next year by a NES game with the same title see Bionic Commando NES that was, however, a. Bionic Commando's manual leaves out the command for aborting missions, which is done by pressing A, B and Start simultaneously. This can be a problem if you enter certain areas that require a certain piece of equipment to proceed such as a gun that destroys a gate, since you can't exit a stage simply by walking back to the starting point as. Description. No one has written a description of this game yet. Free C64 Game Download. It may have been ten years, but oppression and devastation continues, with aliens taking over a once peaceful and beautiful civilization. After one of the scientists on the planet develops a solution that he thought could be accomplished, he builds a machine in which he calls the "Bionic Commando".

For other games in the series see Bionic Commando. Bionic Commando was ported to the Commodore 64 by two different companies, one in North America and this one for Europe. The PAL version in Europe is superior to the USA version with better music, controls, and an overall more accurate portrayal of the original arcade game. Commando is the realisation of a Capcom arcade machine. In contrast to the 8 levels of the original, the C64 version has only 3. Elite used the license for Commando to publish a Gauntlet-clone named "Commando 86" a year later, with which Capcom has nothing to do. Bionic Commando erschien ursprünglich als Arcade-Automat im Jahre 1987. Im Jahr darauf wurde das Spiel auf den C64 portiert. Dabei erschienen zwei unabhängige Portierungen des Spiels. Eine amerikanische in den USA und eine britische in Europa. In 1986, Data East USA, Inc. publishes Commando on DOS. Also published on Commodore 64, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Apple II, Commodore 16, Plus/4 and PC-88, this action game is abandonware and is set in an arcade and shooter.

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